Volodymyr Antoniv

Volodymyr Antoniv (Włodek Antoniw) – Film music composer and clarinetist born in Lviv, living between Warsaw and Berlin.

He studied clarinet at the UMFC in Warsaw and film music composition at the music academy in Lodz.

He participated in many certified workshops for composers led by industry professionals from around the world.
So far he has written music for many commercials and award-winning animations such as Renata Gąsiorowska’s “Pussy”, “Ab ovo” / “Locus” by Anita Naqvi-Kwiatkowska and many others.

He was twice nominated for the Transatlantyk Young Composer Award in the scoring competition. In 2015, he was on the list of nominees at the Soundtrack Cologne international competition.

He plays clarinet in the band “Kayah and Transoriental Orchestra” with which he has visited many cities in Poland and abroad.
The band’s album has platinum status.

In 2017 he founded collective “MIRYA – Handcrafted Soundtracks”
the collective’s idea is to create original film music with an emphasis on recording all tracks by collective members who are outstanding instrumentalists.

Currently, apart from writing and playing, he works in a duet with Jozak Sander, leading workshops for musicians of symphony orchestras on incorporating live electronics into their performances and repertoire.

This year they performed together with the Lusatian Philharmonic orchestra classical pieces combined with live electronics.